Why do big players choose investment in cryptocurrencies?


In 2021 against the bitcoin growth, major companies started to take interest in it. Tesla, MicroStrategy, Square, The Motley Fool and others have already invested in the main cryptocurrency. It is worthy of note that not only US companies show interest in digital assets. In early April, the Hongkongese technological giant Meitu raised investment in bitcoin to $100 million.
Cryptocurrencies became a great business tool for risk diversification, CEX.IO Broker data analysis department manager Yury Mazur notes. It’s especially important when the world’s biggest nations turned on printing machines to support world trade and economy. According to him, we’ll have to abandon incentives sooner or later, traditional markets will be endangered, and the crypto market will probably be the best option for business. Today major companies just take stock of digital assets, the analyst thinks. 
Michael Ross Johnson believes that the probability of continuing interest in digital assets and investment in them on the part of major companies will increase. In his opinion, in this case everything depends on the index of bitcoin social distribution – how popular it will be among the world’s richest people, among the owners of the world’s most famous companies. 
In addition to the continuing bitcoin purchases by corporate giants, another trend is possible – creating their own cryptocurrencies, the expert says. Compared to 99% of all cryptocurrencies, these instruments will rely on the support of ongoing businesses, the expert added.
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