Stiltoken conference in Davos


Project development and progress we’re coming to.
On March 27, a conference in Davos was organized for the Stiltoken design team and investors. In 3 months of work, we achieved certain successes and engaged new employees implementing a complex process of development.
In the last news, we reported that the department had officially opened on January 11. The team started to develop its own system of cryptographic currency using the developments of Blockchain. 
The team will be headed by Casey Richardson who took part in the launch of Etherеum in 2015. In the course of the event, the department head summed up the mid-term results of work, new jobs were established, and the best employees were awarded.
The major investors could evaluate the mood and progress from the inside. The main areas of further development were represented for them, meeting new members of the team became an important part.
Summarizing, it should be noted that the process is difficult and complex but we’re ready more than ever and see it as a great potential. We thank everybody who was with us that day, and thank those who couldn’t become a part of this night but is still confident and invest in his future.
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