A Year of Continuous Operation of Bitstil


We’ve been analyzing and planning for 365 days. We find new high-yielding areas of activities, improve the strategic process and develop our method of investment growth. In a year, we could open 7 branches, although we planned 11, but we’ll catch up in 2021 by gaining momentum.
We thank all investors! We couldn’t achieve these high results without your belief in stability:
22896 people are registered who invested $50 million in a year, of which $ 14 million of profit was withdrawn. This is 28% of the total investments in a year. 
This profit seems unreal, but let’s calculate:
On the Standard plan, by investing 900$ for a short term of 15 days at 155% interest rate, your profit will be 30$ per day, this will allow earning 450$ over your investment in 15 days. 
By investing 900$ on the Advanced plan at 250%, you earn 45$ a day and you’ll get 1350$ at the end of the term.
Also, 900$ on the Premium plan for 50 days will allow earning 54$ a day, and this is 2700$ of profit at the end of the term. 
The more interesting thing is that if you didn’t withdraw profit throughout the year, namely 365 days, your profit would be: 
On the Standard plan – 10950$
On the Advanced plan – 16425$
On the Premium plan – 19710$ 
Many things happened throughout the year: connecting new payment systems, opening branches in the world’s major business centers, 10 languages were added to the platform, we knit together the team, helped thousands of our investors’ families and found our experts, however, the major success in our opinion is a sure step to establishing our own cryptocurrency, it takes a lot of effort and time to organize the process, but this is what will allow us to take it to a whole new level. 
We thank every participant of the process, you trust us, and we in turn earn profit for you!
Join BitStil and take the quality of your living to a whole new level!