Bitstil company launched a card program.


The essence of the Bitstil investment project is to increase the capital of our clients. And we strive to make the process of making money on the Bitstil platform as efficient and convenient as possible.
In conditions of high volatility, especially in the cryptocurrency market, the speed of access to earned funds is often of key importance. To avoid significant losses in case of sharp jumps in the exchange rate, it is important to be able to quickly cash out the profits received.
Therefore, our team has worked hard for several months to make it easier for Bitstil users to access their funds on the project balance, reduce the number of financial transactions and reduce commission costs when withdrawing and cashing out profits.
We managed to quickly develop and successfully implement the most optimal and comprehensive solution to all these problems.
We launched the Bitstil card program.
Now you can withdraw your funds from the project balance from your personal account to a Bitstil plastic card, replenish your account without commission, make payments and cash out at ATMs around the world.
Any user of the Bitstil investment platform with open deposits totaling more than 3500 US dollars or the equivalent of this amount in cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate can order a plastic card. Withdrawing funds to the card is available regardless of the account currency in the project. Issuance, maintenance and delivery of the card anywhere in the world - free of charge.
Take your wealth into your own hands. Order a Bitstil card, quickly manage your income growth and cash out profits anywhere in the world.
Join BitStil and bring your life quality to a whole new level!