Bitcoin tests 53.000$


At the weekend, bitcoin almost reached $50 000, the rise in altcoin prices  was equally impressive. The total capitalization of the crypto market reached  $1.5 trillion, keeping over 1.4 trillion against adjusting early in the business week. Now bitcoins lose 2% and are changing hands $47,500, which can be considered a great indicator of the market in general since the assets still demonstrate growth by 21,50% within a week.
Bitstill company’s specialists and analysts visited Inspired Information Technology Conferences where they made a presentation and news release announcing the decision to invest a part of the capital in Dogecoin and Bitcoin, that is $80 billion in Dogecoin and $35 billion in Bitcoin. 
We are impressed by the cryptocurrency growth and fully aware that this is the future and true progress, which will lead us to the decentralization of gold-value reserves and the Internet in general.
Last weekend, investors decided to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day by purchasing all alternative cryptocurrencies with the result that most coins showed growth by tens of percent.
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