New Year Holidays.


Dear BitStil investors!
We wish you in the coming year not to be afraid to take risks, to act decisively in any situation and always be a winner!
Let the New Year bring you only pleasant surprises, profit in deeds and a full portfolio of pluses! We wish you reasonable risks, profitable investments and 100% results!
This year was difficult, but good for accomplishments. This year we were able to gain a foothold on the market by doing a huge amount of work and prepared the safest platform for investors. High professionalism of BitStil team ensures rapid development of our business around the world. We have started our Asian operations by opening an office in Hong Kong, signing key agreements for further development strategy for 2021. 
Our team makes sure that partners' revenues not only grow, but are also safe.  The success of BitStil Investment Company is based on security, we have insured all investments by signing an agreement for $88 million.
It has been a good year for our traders, who have significantly increased their capital, up 47% since the start of the company, allowing them to earn over $5 million for investors. Due to our continued expansion we have already connected 10 languages to the platform and held more than 30 bonus promotions for investors. 
It is important to inform you that we are closed for holidays from December 31 to January 7. 
Thank you to everyone who stays with us and invests in the common cause. May fortune smile on your face and may your injections work to further your goals! Happy Holidays!
Join BitStil and take your quality of life to a whole new level.