Corporate party for the BitStil team.


An entertaining corporate party was held for the BitStil team on December 25.
2020 turned out to be a good year, despite the continuing rise in geopolitical risks. Activity was high in the capital market – many different corporate stories occurred that could earn you money. The frontal growth that one could have observed earlier never happened, but this might be for the better: the requirements for the market knowledge increased significantly, which meant that investment professionals were still in demand.
The main goal of the corporate culture is to form an efficient team, and it consists of several important factors: the specifics of the organization of work and the interaction among employees, as well as their attitude to customers and partners. It manifests in a set of values, rules, regulations and norms governing business relations and the company policy. We are proud of our team of professionals; for us, it is vital to create a team of people united by one idea, eventually becoming a big family.
Our corporate parties are usually held in the mode of maintaining the sports mood of the team and the company traditions. We were on the ski slope, held a party on the ferry, and it was also decided to get together and thank each employee for a great start in the New Year. Holding a corporate New Year party is a very responsible task, so we approached this issue with care and entrusted it to the professionals who arranged the performance consisting of the events prepared by the team members and by invited entertainers.
Dances and funny contests helped relieve tension, fatigue, and psychological stress. We are glad that company morale was strengthened and friendliness increased. The awards were presented to outstanding departments, and new positions were established during the party. The speeches of the heads of the company were followed by a photo session, and the banquet and a performance by entertainers were at the end.
The year has been very busy for BitStil. The introduction of new languages on the platform and the opening of new offices in various countries are important decisions that we are expecting.
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